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Blockcast EP 17 | Crypto Crime Insights From TRM Labs' Senior Policy Advisor, Angela Ang

From working at MAS to helping law enforcement, TRM Labs' Angela Ang gives us the lowdown on catching crypto criminals

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As part of the pioneering team for MAS’s Payment Services Act, Angela delves into her experience from within Singapore's regulator, reminding us that "regulators are people too." Now serving as a Senior Policy Advisor at TRM Labs, Angela reflects on her policy experience and how she is applying it to strengthen security in the crypto market.

Crypto Crimes Surprisingly Went Down Last Year, Even Excluding FTX
Crypto crimes were higher in 2022 than in 2023, even without FTX’s help

Today's unstoppable bull market continues to attract investors but also presents a breeding ground for criminal behavior. Illicit crypto crimes are continuing to evolve, with more egregious and intricate exploits circumventing existing safeguards. Angela discusses the work TRM Labs is doing to help law enforcement across the world tackle these challenges.

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