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BUIDL Asia, ETH Seoul 2024 to Showcase Seoul's Tech Prowess

This year's gathering promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and collaboration, aiming to further cement South Korea's reputation as a crucible of Web3 innovation.

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The fifth edition of BUIDL Asia Week is set to take place on 27–31 March 2024 in Seoul, South Korea. This year's event, BUIDL Asia and ETH Seoul, is poised to unite a diverse group of visionaries, developers, and innovators, aiming to solidify South Korea's status as a global hub for digital innovation and collaboration in the Web3 space.

The conference is designed to be a crucible of ideas, where the future of Web3 will be shaped through discussions on cutting-edge topics such as the convergence of AI and blockchain, chain abstraction, and the evolving regulatory scene in Asia. With a focus on fostering a diverse and collaborative experience, BUIDL Asia will feature projects and speakers from various ecosystems, including Ethereum, NEAR, Solana, and Cosmos.

Erica Kang, CEO and founder of event organizer Kryptoplanet, highlighted the event's significance in bridging global Web3 communities with Asia's dynamic tech landscape. "We are thrilled to showcase Asia's role as a multidimensional powerhouse for Web3 advancements," Kang stated, emphasizing the event's commitment to spotlighting the region's builders, enterprises, and users.

Following the BUIDL Asia conference, ETH Seoul will extend the dialogue with research-focused workshops and hackathons centered on the Ethereum ecosystem. Topics will range from zero-knowledge technology to L1 to L2 scalability solutions, offering attendees insights into the latest developments and challenges facing the blockchain industry.

The events boast an impressive lineup of speakers, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, and leaders from NEAR Protocol, Scroll, Solana Foundation, Celestia, and Aptos Labs, among others. This gathering of minds underscores the conference's role as a nexus for thought leadership and innovation in the Web3 domain.

Recognized as the largest community-focused crypto conference in Asia, BUIDL Asia is a testament to the vibrant Korean blockchain community and the collective dedication of local ambassadors to showcasing their achievements. The event also features a dedicated career corner, facilitating connections between Web3 professionals and innovative projects, and enabling greater opportunities within the space.

For more details on the event schedule and speaker lineup, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official BUIDL Asia 2024 and ETH Seoul 2024 websites.