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Polygon Labs Restructures, Spins Off Ventures, ID Groups Amid 60 Job Cuts

Polygon has announced a round of layoffs, along with compensation increases for remaining staff, as it restructures to focus on core protocol development.

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Polygon Labs has announced a significant reduction in its workforce, cutting approximately 19% of its staff. This decision translates to around 60 employees being shown the door, as the company seeks to streamline its operations amidst a broader restructuring effort.

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CEO Marc Boiron detailed the shake-up in a recent blog post, revealing that the layoffs are part of a strategic pivot towards concentrating more intensely on core protocol development. This reshuffle also includes spinning off the 10-person Polygon Ventures team into an independent crypto venture capital firm and transforming the Polygon ID digital identity group into a standalone operation with a 33-person team.

"Right-sizing for the sake of enhanced performance, rather than for financial reasons, may seem unconventional. The reality is that achieving our mission often demands challenging decisions, and while difficult, the Founders and I agree that we must move forward in a thoughtful way that gives us the greatest chance to execute successfully," Boiron said.

Despite the sting of layoffs, Polygon Labs is looking to soften the blow for its retained workforce. In a gesture that might be seen as a silver lining amidst the restructuring clouds, the company has announced that all remaining staff will receive a notable boost in their compensation package. This includes a minimum 15% increase in both base salary and token compensation.

This round of layoffs follows a similar exercise almost a year ago, when 20% of staff, numbering around 100, were made redundant.

Back then, a source close to Blockhead told us that Polygon implemented their job cuts rather brutally. The former Polygon employee who wishes to remain anonymous said the firm had a "lack of compassion in how they manage people."

The crypto industry has been no stranger to volatility, with numerous companies facing the need to adapt rapidly to market conditions, regulatory landscapes, and technological advancements. Polygon Labs' recent moves are indicative of a broader trend where firms are being forced to reassess their strategies, operational focus, and even their workforce to navigate the unpredictable crypto waters, even as the shoots of crypto spring are starting to bloom.

The spin-off of Polygon Ventures and the Polygon ID digital identity group into their own entities further illustrates Polygon Labs’ strategy to streamline its focus while still nurturing the broader ecosystem. By allowing these groups to operate independently, Polygon Labs is essentially planting seeds for future growth and innovation within the crypto space, albeit from a distance.


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