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HashKey Capital Partners FTSE Russell to Track Global Digital Assets

HashKey and FTSE Russell are rolling out three new indices to offer traders wider diversity in the crypto industry

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HashKey Capital and FTSE Russell are collaborating to launch custom indices to track digital assets.

The three new indices leverage HashKey's Web3 expertise and FTSE Rusell's index management.

  • FTSE Custom Digital Asset Top 20 Index: tracks the top 20 crypto assets by market cap. It reflects at least 90% of the overall performance of the digital asset market.
  • FTSE Custom Digital Asset Infrastructure Index: focuses on the infrastructure layer of the crypto ecosystem including smart contract platforms, protocol interoperability, and distributed computation and storage.
  • FTSE Custom Digital Asset Application Index: tracks assets linked to staking and decentralized finance.

Each index allows traders to follow specific sections of the digital asset market, providing them with nuanced perspectives. Instead of single assets, traders will have access to a basket of assets, monitoring daily performance as well as long-term trends. These indices are accessible on the FTSE Russell website.

Deng Chao, HashKey Capital's Managing Director, said the products are a result of a "significant surge in demand from investors who want to diversify their portfolios beyond the established cryptocurrencies."

HashKey Group recently made unicorn status after raising $100 million in a Series A funding round. Its pre-money valuation of $1.2 billion earns the firm unicorn status.

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Now worth $1.3 billion, crypto unicorn HashKey has also made partnership announcements involving DigiFT and Pando Finance