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Crypto Adoption Has Unsurprisingly Surged, But What Next?

There are now 580 million cryptocurrency owners but will we see more in 2024?

Bitcoin ETFs, industry court case wins and landmark updates are just some of the catalysts driving cryptocurrency adoption over the past twelve months. Recovering from crypto winter, and then some, the industry has enjoyed remarkable returns as it consolidates its most innovative projects.

A new report from reveals that the amount of cryptocurrency owners rose 34% to 580 million across 2023. Bitcoin holders grew 33% to 296 million whilst Ethereum owners increased 39% to 124 million.

Another recent report by CoinGecko highlights how crypto's market cap also rose 108.1% last year to a whopping sum of $1.72 trillion, with most of the action occurring towards the end of the year. Average daily trading volume in Q4 saw a 91.9% jump from the previous quarter to $75.1 billion.

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