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Sygnum's Institutional Investor Survey Suggests Sunny Skies for Crypto in 2024

A survey among traditional investors with an average 10+ year’s institutional investment experience reveals anticipation for new opportunities and capital inflows in the crypto market for the coming year.

Photo by Hans Eiskonen / Unsplash

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Swis crypto bank Sygnum's recent survey of institutional investors reveals a strikingly bullish outlook for the crypto market in 2024. A notable 60% of respondents are optimistic, expecting substantial returns in the coming year. This positive sentiment underscores a significant shift in the institutional approach to cryptocurrency investment.

The survey was conducted shortly before the crypto market’s November 2023 rally commenced, among traditional investors on a wide range of topics including their crypto asset allocation and investment strategies, their perceived crypto investment barriers and future market outlook. Among the 150 respondents, 18 were from Singapore.

Key Takeaways

  • Bullish Outlook: The majority of investors are bullish about the crypto market's future, indicating a strong belief in its growth potential.
  • Preference for Established Assets: There's a growing trend towards single token exposure, particularly in well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Rising Interest in Tokenized Real Estate: Surprisingly, tokenized real estate has emerged as a hot favorite, even overtaking venture capital and art collectibles in terms of investor interest.
  • Higher Allocations in 2024: The survey indicates a regional trend – 60% of Asia-Pacific investors currently investing in crypto plan to increase their allocations, with 78% doing so within the next 3-6 months.
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In the city-state, institutional investors view cryptocurrency as a long-term investment – 75% of Singaporean respondents plan to increase crypto allocations in 2024. About 61% see Singapore as crypto-friendly, and over 66% expect higher future returns. Some 22% have over half their portfolio in crypto.

“As the crypto industry has evolved, many institutional investors have also evolved from sceptics to evangelists, with over 80% now agreeing that crypto has an important role to play in the global financial industry. It’s now truly becoming a trusted gateway that is rapidly transforming the economic landscape,” Lucas Schweiger, Sygnum digital asset research manager and report author, said in an announcement.