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Zodia Custody Joins Forces with Metaco to Amplify Global Digital Asset Network

This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it's a fusion of financial powerhouses aiming to revolutionize the institutional network for digital assets.

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Zodia Custody, a leading digital asset custodian, has teamed up with Metaco, a Ripple-owned enterprise technology company. This collaboration is poised to create a robust global network for institutions, merging Zodia Custody’s bank-grade solutions with Metaco’s cutting-edge digital asset infrastructure technology.

Backed by financial giants Standard Chartered, SBI Holdings, and Northern Trust, Zodia Custody plans to offer its Interchange solution, an added layer of security, risk management, and solvency protection for institutional clients connected to the Metaco network, the firms announced on Monday.

The collaboration is part of Zodia Custody’s plan "to ensure it is the most connected custodian in the digital asset ecosystem." This includes further plans to develop and launch its own network in Q4 2023. 

Leveraging Interoperability

The collaboration is set to enhance the digital asset ecosystem significantly. Metaco’s institutional clients, including some of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, will now be able to access and govern interactions with various value-added service providers.

This interoperability allows for a more diversified execution of digital asset strategies across jurisdictions and asset classes, ultimately enabling seamless trading experiences for institutional investors, Metaco said.

Setting the Benchmark for Future Digital Asset Ecosystems

"We are focused on expanding the options available to our clients via our financial network, thus ensuring Zodia Custody can become a truly comprehensive digital asset solutions provider," James Harris, Chief Commercial Officer, Zodia Custody, said.

Adrien Treccani, founder and CEO of Metaco, highlighted the transformation the industry is undergoing and Metaco’s dedication to standardizing, governing, and connecting institutional digital asset flows.

Metaco was acquired earlier this year by Ripple for $250 million.

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