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I'm Down Bad on These Degen NFTs, But Here's What I've Learned

BAYG, Recursive Punks, Recursive Robots, Boring Punks, and EMB have rekt my wallet... But WAGMI right?

My two-year journey in the NFT universe has been a rollercoaster ride filled with euphoria, disappointments, rug-pulls, and the adrenaline-fueled experience of being part of degen projects. I can still vividly recall the rush and subsequent letdown of the Larva Dads fiasco. As quickly as it was minted, it vanished - Twitter account suspended, the team behind it vanished like ghosts in the digital wind.

"Degen," short for "degenerate," carries a hint of notoriety as it represents highly speculative, extremely high-risk projects. But let's face it - they're a staple in the NFT space, and their attraction lies in their sheer unpredictability. The thrill of diving into an uncharted project sans roadmap or utility can be downright addictive, especially when there's a potential windfall waiting at the other end.

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