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Crypto, the Way Forward: Global Hedge Fund Report

PwC highlights the robust confidence in cryptocurrencies among hedge funds. Despite regulatory challenges and market volatility, the firm notes that traditional hedge funds are increasing their investments in the crypto space and maintaining their exposure to digital assets.

Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

According to the latest Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report, published by accounting giant PwC, confidence in cryptocurrencies is robust, similar to the findings of a separate Blockhead survey of institutional investors, asset managers and research analysts.

Crypto Outlook: Gains to Unfold, But Short Term Pain Remains
Rising global interest rates in a fight against inflation and increased scrutiny might stifle crypto’s surge in the short-term, warned experts in a survey by Blockhead.

Hedge funds are limited partnerships of individual investors that pool their capital to be invested in speculative or alternative assets by professional fund managers.

After a year in which cryptocurrency values plummeted, and investors suffered large losses due to the failure of many big cryptocurrency companies, including the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, the market has begun a steady rebound so far in 2023.

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