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No, HK's Crypto Regulation D-Day Won't Guarantee China Coin Success

The countdown is on for Hong Kong's pro-retail crypto regulations to come into effect. Bulls are eyeing Chinese coins, should you be too?

Image: leungchopan on Envato Elements

The countdown is on as Hong Kong's regulation day of reckoning draws ever closer. Tomorrow, 1 June 2023, marks a turning point for Hong Kong crypto regulation, and arguably the wider Asian crypto space.

Officially welcoming retail investors into its Web3 world, Hong Kong is taking a small step for the city but a leap for the region. The move has led bulls to speculate that certain "China coins" could make a resurgence, and could serve as lucrative investments for the foreseeable future.

However, with strict China regulations still in force, and a CBDC in the works, how grounded is the bull thesis?

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