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Justin Sun Explains Huobi’s Flash Crash – But We’re Unconvinced

Justin Sun has offered an unconvincing explanation about Huobi's HT crash, whilst withdrawing $60 million in Ethereum stablecoins

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Justin Sun has offered an explanation about why Huobi's HT token crashed 93%, only to rebound just as quickly.

On Thursday, HT dropped from a 24-hour-high of $4.81 to as low as $0.31 over the span of 10 minutes at 9 pm UTC. Less than 30 minutes later, its price rebounded to $3.70 (a 1,093.55% increase). At the time of writing, HT is sitting at $3.90.

Data: Coinmarketcap

Sun has since taken to Twitter to offer his apologies and explanation about the crash, pointing to "simply a result of market behavior."

"The operation of @HuobiGlobal exchange is #SAFE, the wallets are SAFE, and the backend is SAFE. The recent market fluctuations and the leveraged liquidations were caused by few users triggering a cascade of forced liquidations in the spot and HT contract markets," Sun tweeted.

"Currently, all work is proceeding steadily and there are no unexpected incidents, and these fluctuations are simply a result of market behavior."

An hour later, the Huobi founder apologized for the blip, adding that the platform will be setting up a sizeable liquidity fund: "We deeply apologize for the impact of the leveraged liquidation on the market caused by a few users, and in order to further improve the multi-currency liquidity of the @HuobiGlobal platform, we will set up a liquidity fund with an investment of 100 million US dollars."

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"We will continue to improve the liquidity depth of main cryptocurrencies and HT token, strengthen leverage risk warnings and liquidity capabilities. Regarding this incident, we will keep the community updated on the follow-up progress."

Sus behaviour

Whilst it's certainly not for us to tell you who or what to believe, but it would seem unlikely that a "few users" exerting "simple market behaviour" led to a sudden 93% crash and a subsequent 1,000%+ rebound.

Instead, other market participants have pointed towards more questionable behaviour surrounding the crash.

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According to a Kaiko researcher, $2 million of sales on the HT-USDT pair were reported in the five minutes leading up to the crash, compared to the $600,000 it usually experiences.

Meanwhile, Nansen highlighted Justin Sun withdrew around $60 million in Ethereum stablecoins from Huobi in the last 24 hours.

"Moving his funds to Aave - nothing really unusual maybe just the timing," Nansen tweeted, to which Sun replied, "it is just normal practice of fund deployment."

Whilst there is nothing illegal about either of these instances, the timing of the events suggests there could be more than meets the eye.

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