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NEAR Boosts Web3 Composability With "Blockchain Operating System"

Near Protocol is transforming itself into a Blockchain "OS".

Image Credit: Near Protocol

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Layer 1 blockchain NEAR announced today that it is becoming the Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

In a press release on Friday, Near explained that the BOS introduces an industry-first category: a common layer for browsing and discovering open web experiences, compatible with all blockchains – making NEAR the entry point to the open web for users and developers alike.

According to Near, the BOS will solve the fragmentation between Web2 and Web3 by offering a way to discover and use experiences with common services including a single identity, user-owned assets, and user-controlled data. Developers can also gain full composability of frontends and users have full portability of their data and assets.

“NEAR is more than just a layer-one blockchain, it’s an operating system that will make Web3 usable,” said NEAR Co-Founder and Pagoda CEO Illia Polosukhin, at NEAR Denver, an event during the ETHDenver conference and hackathon.

“The goal for NEAR has always been to make Web3 simple. Now we have all the components to deliver on this vision. We already have live examples from the ETH and NEAR ecosystems we are sharing at ETHDenver," he added.

Data from Messari indicates that the Near protocol currently ranks as the 35th largest blockchain, with a market capitalisation of approximately US$1.08 billion. The NEAR token is trading at US$2.08 at the time of writing, down nearly 8% in the last 24 hours.


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