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This is How Web3 Leaders Are Using ChatGPT & AI

ChatGPT has taken the web by storm, but how is it actually impacting web3?

ChatGPT is a turning point for AI. From telling jokes to writing research papers to even cheating in schools, ChatGPT is becoming this generation's text-based Google.

But as with any technological innovation, the question remains: how does it impact Web3? To find out, we asked a variety of firms using the software to achieve their Web3 ambitions.

Of course our first port of call was ChatGPT itself, which told us that the AI software can be used in Web3 in five main areas:

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) - ChatGPT can be used to analyze, understand and generate natural language text in web3 applications in which users can interact using natural language.
  2. Data analysis - ChatGPT can analyze large amounts of data generated by Web3 applications and provide insights to users. The software highlights data-driven decision-making in DeFi as a key area in which it can help.
  3. Content creation - not to shoot myself in the foot by posting this one, ChatGPT can be used to generate content including articles, reviews and social media posts. Although not specific for web3, it's certainly an aspect most digital companies require.
  4. Smart contract development - the boring but crucial part of connecting buyers with sellers. ChatGPT can facilitate where NFT creators dread the most.
  5. Governance - proposals for DAOs can be analyzed by ChatGPT for stakeholders to better understand what they're getting into.

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