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Filipinos "Most Interested" in Metaverse, Vietnamese "Most Positive"

A new study has found that people in the Philippipnes have shown the most interest in the metaverse, whilst the Vietnamese have expressed the most positivity towards it.

Image credit: Julien Tromeur on Unsplash

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A new study has found that Filipinos are the most interested in the metaverse, whilst the Vietnamese are the most positive about it.

According to Coin Kick Off's study The Meta-Verdict: Metaverse Interest and Sentiment Around the World, people in 193 countries are searching on Google for metaverse-related terms. Of these, people in the Philippines showed the most interest with 2,421 searches per 1,000 people.

In May, the Philippines hosted Asia’s largest metaverse conference in Manila, whilst both its tech and startup community are thriving.

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According to Wei Zhou, current CEO of and former CFO of Binance, the Philippines is one of the top countries in the world for crypto adoption in terms of NFT trading and general token ownership, a phenomenon that has been amplified by the pandemic.

“There are more crypto owners and traders in the Philippines than stock traders…I think post-Covid, the digitalisation of finance has actually increased tremendously, especially with the increasing popularity of e-wallets, as we’ve seen in other markets as well,” Zhou told Blockhead.

Coin Kick Off's study also found that people in Vietnam are the most enthusiastic about the metaverse, with 56.1% of Twitter posts about the metaverse containing positive messaging.

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Both Southeast Asian nations placed strongly on Chainalysis’ third-annual Global Crypto Adoption Index, with Vietnam holding on to top spot, followed by the Philippines. Thailand ranked 8th and Indonesia rounded off the list that ranked the top 20 countries globally by grassroots adoption, at 20th spot.

As recently as December, Vietnam formed a bridge with South Korea to strengthen their Web3 developments.

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Gyeongbuk province governor Lee Cheol-woo and his delegation visited the Vietnamese province to “emphasise growing economic, cultural, commercial, and people-centered contacts with Vietnam through the metaverse.”