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For Some Reason, Boris Johnson Will Speak at SG Blockchain Conference

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Having failed to return to Downing Street for a second shot at British PM, Boris Johnson is gracing Singapore with his presence at an upcoming blockchain conference.

The former Tory head is set to deliver the keynote address speech at the International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements (ISBA) on 2 December 2022.

Johnson, who still serves as MP for British constituencey Uxbridge and South Ruislip, led a relatively pro-web3 administration, stating he wanted to turn the UK into “a crypto hub.” That said, Johnson’s direct experience with web3 is next to none.

Other noteable speakers, who also have little direct web3 exposure include former US vice-president Dick Cheney will also speak at the conference, as well as “Mother of Internet” Dr Radia Perlamn, Dell EMC Charlie Kaufman System Security Architect and CBS Television Studios Executive Producer George Bloom.

The conference website says it “aims to guide the first step in migrating to the digital economy by provoking meaningful questions and discussions that will enable all of us, builders and consumers alike, to cut through the blockchain hype and grasp a realistic view of the emerging trends and needs, and to provide a technical blueprint for innovative solutions”.

Whilst it’s unclear how much Johnson will be paid for his presentation, in September he was paid £130,000 to speak at the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers in Colorado.

ISBA is self described as “global-scale blockchain initiative” backed by web3 development studio ParallelChain Lab. According to the organisers, ISBA “is free from commercial, financial or political influence”, which makes Johnson’s invitation as keynote speaker even more intruiging.