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Blockhead Announces Haus217 Takeover on 26-28 September

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Crypto events are back with a vengeance. But we’re tired of hearing the same people speak on the same topics over and over again. There’s a whole other world of projects, personalities and culture bubbling under the radar that we feel should get a share of the spotlight, and they’ll get their day in the sun at  Blockhaus, on 26-28 September, on the sidelines of Token 2049.

Located right on the edge of central Singapore, just 8 mins on foot between Bendemeer and Boon Keng MRT stations, the BlockHaus takeover of HAUS217 will play host to some of the most exciting alternative fireside chats and panels during Asia Crypto Week.

The event will present a unique opportunity for attendees and media alike to jumpstart their conference experience in Singapore. The closed-door, invite-only event will provide speakers and sponsors with the best visibility possible with relevant, attending media publications and VCs/investors.

We’re bringing people in the community to connect with like-minded folk, share ideas and grow the space together. We like to think of ourself as a little off-beat, more left field than the run-of-the-mill crypto publication, and the programming for BlockHaus will reflect just that, mixing irreverence, entertainment and insights – hot takes, left-field opinions and contrarian positions are all fair game as we discuss the hidden corners of Web3, the fallout of the 3AC saga, the failure of DeFi to gain a foothold in the industry, and what it takes to survive three bear market cycles.

And whether it’s film, music or art, NFTs are supposedly positioned to irreversibly disrupt the creative field but rugpulls, meme projects and profile pictures suggest otherwise. Likewise can GameFi really be a game changer without the support of gamers? We’ve got over 2,049 questions for web3 industry leaders and participants to ignite raw, engaging discussions.

Each panel will also be moderated by a member of the media.

26 September: Crypto IRL

11 am – 6pm

  • Dirty Bubble Media: Corporate Fraud, Whistleblowing and Taking Down Celsius. Featuring Dirty Bubble Media
  • Wen DeFi? Featuring Ripple, OSL, Algorai Finance, Davion Labs
  • Pump dumpsters? Web3 VCs clear the air. Featuring Huobi, GSR, Outlier Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Does Anyone Give a Damn About Interoperability? Featuring Zkex, ZKLink
  • The Three Bear Cycle Club. Featuring The Bitcoin Man, QSN, Floating Point Group

6 pm – late

Crypto degens support group/mixer. Therapist CakeWalk will be available for chats throughout the evening.

27 September: Crypto culture & entertainment

11 am – 6 pm

  • Play-to-Earn is not the future of gaming. Featuring Salad Ventures, Play it Forward, Mirai Labs
  • Admit it – NFTs are ugly and expensive. Featuring PMC, Cryptobengz, SoCol, TastyToastys
  • The politics of crypto culture
  • Too Flawed to HODL. Featuring PD Legal, Ex-Hodlnaut community ambassadors
  • Web3 branding and marketing workshop. Featuring Publicis
  • Alternative web3 projects. Featuring Serenity, Digital Threads, OKC

6 pm – late

BlockHaus NFT Night. Hosted by the Tiger Archives.

28 September: Token 2049 day 1 unofficial afterparty (7 pm – late)

The full list of speakers and sponsors, as well as registration details, will be announced in due course. Currently, only single panel sponsorships are left, as other panels have been taken up. Click here for more.