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Blocksmith Says: Bitcoin Finds Support Level for Higher Bounce

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There’s a lot of potential strong support below, both long and short-term and as we discussed in yesterday’s note the preferred view is that price is rising in a new 20-week cycle with an upside target around US$33,000 by end-July/early August.

Bitcoin’s price looks to be forming a base with the level to beat near term at US$23,210, which is the open on 14 June. It’s not uncommon for push up and pull back sequences to occur in these market phases.


Blast Mainnet Launches, Boosting Ethereum L2

Blast Mainnet Launches, Boosting Ethereum L2

Now the seventh-largest blockchain and the second-largest Ethereum Layer 2 by total value deposited, Blast demonstrates the growing interest and demand for scalable and efficient solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem.