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Amid a Crypto Bear Market, Degens Use #BearMarket to Pump KILLABEARS NFT

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This bear market/cypto winter isn’t all doom and gloom. Opportunistic supporters of KILLABEARS in particular are capitalizing on the FUD by sharing the Twitter hashtag #bearmarket to promote the project.

Over the past few weeks, the floor price of KILLABEARS has surged from 0.2164 ETH on 19 May 2022 to 1.361 ETH on 31 May 2022. Over the past three days alone, the project’s floor price has risen 227.95%.

Twitter users have since been sharing images of the NFT project’s floor price chart, remarking on its incredible growth and entry into the 1 ETH territory.

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“I step away from you beautiful people for 1 day and come back to a 0.89 eth floor?????? Confirmed: fuck the moon, WAGMI to Pluto. Love me some @killabearsnft #HotBearSummer#BearMarket,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Already up to 1.1 eth floor! #bearmarket@killabearsnft LG! Happy 1 eth plus!” another tweeted.

Arguably, KILLABEARS isn’t entirely a degen play; at least the project has a roadmap, unlike meme project du jour Goblintown. That said, it’s certainly a sign of the times that smaller alternative projects are outperforming blue chip NFTs.