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XRP ETF? Ripple CEO Slams SEC Chair Gary Gensler

XRP inflows surged 244% in the hope of an XRP ETF. Meanwhile, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse calls SEC Chair Gary Gensler a "political liability"

While we're still trying to absorb all the Bitcoin ETF euphoria, XRP ETFs could already be emerging. Like a dog with a bone staring at his reflection, institutional investors aren't stopping with Bitcoin ETFs.

Relax, Bitcoin is Still Going to $1M... Apparently
Bitcoin has dropped around 9% since the SEC approved crypto ETFs but is there any need to panic?

Data from Coinshares shows volume in XRP has surged 244% in inflows with $2.2 million flooding in. The previous week only saw $900,000. The figure comes as digital asset investment products saw $1.18bn inflows last week. Trading volumes were $17.5 billion in the same period, marking the highest on record. 2022 saw an average of $2 billion per week.

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