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Half-Baked DeFi: Hating Your Cake And Eating it

The frosting is getting icy at Cake Group as founders U-Zyn Chua and Julian Hosp take their bake-off public

Temperatures are rising at Cake Group as its founders are stirring up quite a layered situation. U-Zyn Chua wants to slice through the drama with a winding-up process whilst Julian Hosp has a different plan baking in the oven.

The icing on top is how publicly the founders are having their bake-off. As the layers unravel, can the pair whisk away their differences to find a sweet resolution?

Cake Group Co-Founder U-Zyn Chua Wants Company Wound Up, Julian Hosp Disputes
This move comes shortly after the company announced a significant staff reduction in mid-November, signaling financial and operational challenges.

Top-Tier Split

It's unclear how long Chua has been unhappy at Cake Group. Back in May, the firm launched Ordzaar - a Bitcoin ordinals marketplace. The project fell under Chua's purview and consisted of a small core team of four crypto natives who have over 30 years of experience in blockchain and Bitcoin.

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