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Binance: Ronaldo Sued, Philippines Blocked, BUSD Ceased, USTC Gained

From CZ to CR7, Binance's reshuffle has impacted every corner of the crypto market including the Philippines, BUSD, LUNC and USTC

It's been over a week since CZ (Changpeng Zhao) abdicated from the Binance throne, but the saga is far from over. In a butterfly-effect turn of events, crypto king CZ's latest actions have bizarrely impacted football king CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo). Additionally, CZ's exit has also led to a Philippines block, BUSD being ceased, and USTC surging.

The Binance Effect: What CZ’s Exit Means for Crypto Markets
With Changpeng Zhao out and Richard Teng in, what does Binance’s overhaul mean for the crypto markets?

CZ vs. CR7

The leap from CZ to CR7 actually isn't as far as you might think. In 2022, Ronaldo entered a multiyear partnership with Binance to promote his own series of NFTs.

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