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Countdown to SFF 2023: AI, Web3, and the Future of Finance

Blockhead takes a look at what to expect at SFF 2023, and key panels you can't miss. Also, read on for an exclusive discount on tickets for our Blockhead fam.

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The Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2023 is gearing up to be a tech extravaganza like no other. From November 15-17, the Singapore EXPO will be buzzing with the brightest minds in finance, policy, and tech. This year, SFF is diving deep into the "Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services."

So, what's on the menu? Let’s break it down, Blockhead style!

Festival Stage: The Big Guns
The Festival Stage is where the magic happens. We're talking heads of state, tech moguls, and even some celebs from the TIME 100 Most Influential AI list. Expect to be wowed by high-level dialogues and keynotes that'll leave your brain tingling.

Insights Stage: The Deep Dive
If you're craving a knowledge feast, the Insights Stage is your go-to spot. It's all about debates, case studies, and some candid "Ask me anything" sessions. AI, digital assets, and the future of finance – it's all up for discussion here.

The Zones: Your Personalized Tech Wonderland
This year, SFF is bringing you five spanking new zones:

  1. ESG Zone: Green is the new gold here. Dive into sustainability with the Greenprint Hub Workshop and chill at the ESG Lounge.
  2. Talent Zone: Career growth on your mind? Network at the Talent Pavilion or get mentoring at the Pay-It-Forward Lounge.
  3. Technology Zone: For the tech geeks, this is your playground. It’s all about cutting-edge advancements and forging valuable partnerships.
  4. Founders Zone: Entrepreneurs, meet your investors. From The Founders Peak to 1:1 Investor Office Hours, this is where deals are born.
  5. Regulation Zone: Get up close and personal with regulators and dive into the world of regulatory tech.

The Big Picture: What to Expect

With over 62,000 attendees from 134 countries and 800+ speakers, SFF is set to be a global melting pot of ideas and innovation. Before the main event, don't miss Elevandi Insights on November 14 for some pre-festival wisdom. And let's not forget the Innovation Lab Crawl – your ticket to exploring the best FinTech labs in town.

The Grand Opening and Closing: A Star-Studded Affair
Kristalina Georgieva of the IMF kicks things off with a bang, while Ajay Banga of the World Bank brings down the curtains. Expect insights that could redefine the financial landscape.

Sessions you can't miss

Project Orchid - Digital Money In Action
Regulation Stage | Friday, 17 Nov 2023  | 03:00PM - 04:15PM

 MAS launched Project Orchid in 2021 to explore the technical feasibility and infrastructure required for a digital Singapore Dollar. The project started by examining potential use cases for digital money and the infrastructure that would be required to support it.

This session showcases multiple industry-led digital money pilots and the use of purpose-bound money, such as programmable rewards, escrow arrangement, government grant disbursement. The session will also cover the singleness of money and embedded policy compliance in digital money. 

Project Guardian - Mega Update
Technology Stage | Wednesday, 15 Nov 2023 | 01:30PM - 03:00PM

Project Guardian facilitates responsible digital asset innovation while managing risks to financial stability and integrity. This session highlights Project Guardian industry pilots across various asset classes. This includes native issuance of Variable Capital Company (VCC) fund, asset-backed security tokens, digitally native issuance of structured notes, alternative assets in rebalancing model portfolios, native issuance of digital bonds with financed with repo facility, and on-chain pricing and execution.

Insights Stage: Money At The Crossroads
Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 | 02:55PM - 03:40PM

The panel will discuss the adoption, distinctive attributes, and regulatory approaches of digital currencies in different regions. Panelists will share insights from public and private sector initiatives and address the integration of digital currencies with financial market modernisation efforts.

So, there you have it – SFF 2023 in a nutshell. Whether you're a tech guru, a policy wonk, or just crypto-curious, this festival has something for everyone. As your trusty guide to all things digital, Blockhead can’t wait to see you there!

Blockhead is a media partner of the Singapore Fintech Festival.

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