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The Trading Takedown: Fixed Income & FX Leaders' Summit Hits Singapore for 8th Knockout Year

The Fixed Income & FX Leaders’ Summit is back in town on November 22-23, and Blockhead's proud to be a media partner to the event.

Image: WBR Singapore

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Roll out the red carpet, Singapore is set to host the crème de la crème of the trading world. This November, the city beckons the elite of the Fixed Income and FX trading fraternity to the Raffles City Convention Centre for the 8th annual Fixed Income & FX Leaders’ Summit APAC.

Ladies and gentlemen, if your idea of excitement is watching paint dry, move along—this isn’t for you. For the rest, who understand that “Fixed Income” isn't a retirement plan and “FX” isn't a cable channel, buckle up!

It’s a Summit, Not a Mountain, But You'll Still Need Oxygen

For two adrenaline-pumping days on November 22-23, more than 250 heads of trading and portfolio hotshots from top-tier asset management firms will powwow in peer-led high-wire discussions.

Yes, networking is on the menu, but it’s the kind of networking where deals are made, and handshakes are worth their weight in gold—or Bitcoin, if you swing that way.

By the Buy Side, For the Buy Side: The Unconference Conference

Crafted by the buy side mavericks for their ilk, this conference has gained legendary status for replacing yawns with eurekas. Forget stale panels; the summit's going full Hollywood with a speaker line-up that’s been given a facelift, promising roundtable rumbles, workshop wizardry, and debates that’ll have more fire than a chili cook-off.

Panelists include:

  • Tobias Bauer, Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Laurent Bilard, Head of Fixed Income Trading APAC, Fidelity International
  • Sanjay Shah, Director – Fixed Income, HSBC
  • Simon Nursey, Head of Derivatives, QCP Capital
  • Luc Froehlich, Global Head of Digital Assets, Fidelity Investment Management
  • Markus Thielen, Founder/Chief Investment Officer, Jomon Investment Management

…and many more.

Discussions That Sizzle More Than Hawker Stalls at Noon

Strap in for sessions tackling the big kahunas of trading. We're talking a whole new market regime that’s playing hard to get, the sizzling rise of Emerging Markets (EM), and liquidity dynamics that have more layers than a lasagna. Digital assets are gatecrashing the financial party too, and boy, do they dance well.

Let's not forget the tech that’s rewriting the rulebook. ChatGPT, DLT, Blockchain – this alphabet soup of innovation is set to get a Michelin star. And because it's 2023 and we care about more than money, ESG is grabbing the spotlight. So, if you're green about ESG, it's time to leaf up!

It’s not all talk, though. The exhibition hall will be the show-and-tell center for the latest gizmos and gadgets in trading tech. Think of it as Santa’s workshop, if Santa was a trader with a Bloomberg terminal.

So, mark your calendars, dust off that power suit, and prep your elevator pitch. Fixed Income & FX Leaders' Summit APAC is not just an event; it's where the future of finance is shaped, one handshake at a time.

Get ready to network, learn, and maybe, just maybe, close the deal of the century 🌟

For more information, please contact To learn more about the event, click here.

Blockhead is a proud media partner for FiFX APAC 2023.

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