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The Missing $LINK Behind Chainlink's Monster 50% Rally

Breaking out from its 18 month stagnant price point, $LINK sees a monster surge of over 54%. From its v.02 staking platform in August, to its recent developments with Vodafone's DAB, $LINK might just return to its former glory.

If you've been missing from the space, or haven't been paying attention to Blockhead, real-world assets or RWAs, is the lead-in narrative for the next wave of adoption. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has been setting the stage for TradFi's future into crypto, announcing that "the next generation for securities, will be tokenization of securities."

Now TradFi is hungry for RWAs like truffle fries. There's just something decadent about biting into a soft, warm, crunchy and umami bite that not even summer time uni can replace. But RWAs aren't fully available yet and you're a smart investor ahead of the curve. Since good ol' Larry is telling the masses it's delicious, you figured you're going to put money into the company that makes the fryers, and that's Chainlink.

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