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From Test Net to Main Event: Scroll's Launch and the Quest for Ethereum's Holy Grail

Scroll announces its mainnet, a week in after its stealth launch. But can this new comer compare to ZKEVM or ZKSync? We take a look at why this matters how Scroll will position itself in the zkEVM playing field.

Scroll's Mainnet launch and the quest for Ethereum's holy grail

After spending over 15 months in test net, 90 million transactions and one stealth launch later, Scroll has announced the launch of its mainnet. The announcement puts the newcomer Scroll Layer 2 out of qualifying and into the zkEVM grandprix along with other ZK Rollup leaders, Polygon's ZKEVM and Matter Lab's ZKSync.

At time of writing, the Dune dashboards indicate that, users have bridged over 4,111 Ethereum (US$ 6.51 million) into Scroll from over 11,500 users since the launch of its mainnet.

During an interview on the Bankless podcast, Scroll co-founder Sandy Peng indicated that the platform would continue to "triple-down" on its strategy of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) equivalence against performance.

zkEVMs are Layer 2 networks built on Ethereum, using zero-knowledge proofs for scalability. Being Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible, these networks can support Ethereum applications while running at scale.

ZK-Rollups, the holy grail of proofs

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