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Aussie Bitcoin-Slinger Goes Big in Singapore: IR's Decade-Long Crypto Ride

The cryptocurrency exchange's co-founder reflects on a decade of growth and innovation at the company and love for Singapore's digital dynamism.

Lasanka Perera, CEO, Independent Reserve Singapore

A decade ago, Independent Reserve bootstrapped itself into the crypto cosmos, rocketing to the forefront of the Asia-Pacific region's digital gold rush. As the OG licensed cryptocurrency exchange in the Lion City, IR didn't just play the game — they rewrote the rules, steering the sector towards growth, regulation, and innovation like a pack of blockchain-bound trailblazers.

Recently, Blockhead managed to snag a sit-down with Lasanka Perera, the exchange's head honcho in Singapore, and a man who uprooted his Aussie life to set up shop in the Lion City. We talked not just about market trends and dollar signs, but also about where the crypto-chips are going to fall in the coming decade.

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