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SafePal Expands to Korea With Integration of Klaytn Blockchain Platform

Users are now able to manage native Klaytn assets and projects across multiple devices and access over 100 blockchains via the crypto wallet suite.

Photo by Drew Dizzy Graham / Unsplash

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SafePal, a non-custodial crypto wallet suite, has announced a partnership with global Layer 1 blockchain platform Klaytn, in its first major foray into the Korean market.

As part of the partnership, SafePal will also integrate established Klaytn Dapps for users to access diverse Web3 verticals, the Singapore-based company said in an announcement.

Veronica Wong, CEO and co-founder of SafePal, said, “While the self-custody offered by Web3 and DeFi is increasingly important amidst growing concerns about traditional financial systems, adoption is still hindered by language and geographical barriers."

To facilitate this initiative, SafePal will potentially be adding Korean to the 15 languages it currently supports to fully empower users to manage native tokens and assets on the Klaytn network seamlessly across SafePal’s wallet suite and other supported networks, SafePal said.

Founded in 2018 and incubated by Binance, SafePal already supports 200 regions and countries globally, with over 6 million users, according to its website.

More upgrades expected

The integration with Klaytn comes with the latest version update for SafePal, which also includes support for custom RPC networks, Layer 1s such as Osmosis and Sui, improved staking, on and off-ramp features for the wallet suite, to further bolster utility and cross-chain interoperability.

Other plans for the year for SafePal include the addition of social recovery and other safety features, along with continued efforts towards the open-sourcing of its solutions to bring security, transparency, and user experience to even greater heights.

As for Klaytn, the blockchain is working on its transformation into the "public foundational layer for tomorrow’s decentralized on-chain world," with plans for radical changes and improvements over the year, including a tokenomics overhaul, implementation of on-chain decentralized governance, and transition to a permissionless structure.

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