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zkLink Hosts Staged "Rug Pull" to Prove Crypto Asset Safety

The "Dunkirk Test" will set a dramatic new benchmark for DeFi security

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Are you nervous about the security of your digital assets? With exchanges falling by the wayside, taking customer funds along with them, you have every right to feel a tad anxious.

Multi-chain trading middleware zkLink plans to reassure its client base by hosting a 72-hour staged rug pull to demonstrate how users can still access their digital assets during such an event.

Emulating a systemwide shutdown, the "Dunkirk Test" will be held from 11-14 May 2023. Users are invited to try the emergency asset recovery feature, which provides reassurance that their assets are still safe and accessible despite system disruption.

"The Dunkirk Test is like a fire drill for crypto users. We will simulate a sudden shutdown of the zkLink infrastructure so that users can learn how to recover their assets,” said Vince Yang, co-founder of zkLink.

Theft, fraud and rug pulls are rife in the Web3 world, but ownership protection is still overlooked.

“We believe the Dunkirk Test could set a new benchmark for safety in the crypto industry. It is unacceptable that billions of dollars are lost each year due to custody fraud or cross-chain bridge exploits, so we encourage other DeFi protocols to conduct the same test to prove self-custody of user’s funds.”

Happy Ending After the “Pull”

zkLink’s ecosystem dApp,, will also take part in the shutdown test. “The ZKEX team is building what we hope is the safest omni-chain DEX in the industry. So to prove it, we’re joining zkLink in shutting down access to our trading platform to demonstrate users won’t experience another CeFi-like loss with us,” said Balal Khan, co-founder of ZKEX.

Khan added that the test will ultimately offer reassurance to clients, after putting them through staged unrest.

“Think of this as a fake rug pull with a happy ending, giving peace of mind that crypto traders have ownership and control of their assets at all times, even if zkLink is down, or disappears.”

The Dunkirk Test period begins on 11 May at 12 pm Singapore time (+8 GMT), during which zkLink's servers will be shut down. Users can go to a recovery node and withdraw their assets back to their wallets. Asset balances will be rebuilt from all connected blockchains, and withdrawn back to users’ wallets, giving peace of mind that user funds are truly self-custodial.

Dunkirk in WWWeb III

Just like how the Allies recovered soldiers from Dunkirk in WWII, zkLink will demonstrate how users can recover their digital assets amid Web3 trauma.

The Dunkirk Test serves two critical purposes: boosting user confidence in zkLink’s system security and promoting the adoption of the Dunkirk Test as an industry standard for absolute fund security, zkLink explained.

Partners running recovery nodes for users during the Dunkirk shutdown period include Alliance DAO, Ascensive Assets, BitEye, Bware Labs, CyberConnect, Kepler-428 DAO, Meria, Morningstar Ventures, Republic Crypto, Secure3, Smrti Labs, TokenInsight, Unipass, and Verilog.

Those looking to participate in the shutdown event will need to join the campaign on, and then trade on the testnet using free test tokens until 10 May, the day before the shutdown.

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