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LF>DEV: Jupiter DEX Expands Malaysian Office

Solana-based Jupiter DEX is looking to hire more developers at its Malaysian office despite the market outlook.

Photo by Planet Volumes / Unsplash

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Solana's Jupiter exchange is seeking to increase its headcount despite the uncertain market conditions. In a twitter post by @siong1987, the Jupiter administration announced that they are looking to expand its team of developers at its Malaysian office.

Siong1987 tells Blockhead that Jupiter is "doubling down on Solana" as the dev hires will help the protocol build more CEX features for the DeFi ecosystem as they continue to scale up.

He also said that the demand for CEX features has been validated as over 15,000 wallets use their services to facilitate US$15 million to US$20 million in trade volume daily.  

On the question about his move to hire despite the market outlook, his decision remains grounded in data. "Bull and bear markets happen all the time, but you can see from our daily active users, Solana is widely used. So we will keep building."

The tweet from Siong 1987 comes ahead of Jupiter's recent trail of announcements following the recent partnership with other leading Solana DeFi protocols, BirdEye and DexLab, in implementing their limit order features on their services.

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The leading Dex aggregator, has processed over US$28 billion in trade volume since Oct 2021, holds 30% of Daily Wallet Activity share and is currently the leading protocol for Daily Active Users on the Solana blockchain.

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