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Crypto Job Searches Surge as Singapore Has Most Positions Per Million

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Looking for a job in crypto? Singapore might just be your answer.

According to Coinjournal research, searches for “crypto jobs” have surged 601% between 2021 and 2022.

Singapore, with a population of 5,975,680, has 951 crypto jobs according to the Coinjournal survey. The figure earns the Little Red Dot the top spot for the most crypto jobs with 159.14 crypto positioning per milion people.

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The figure is almost three times that of Luxemberg, which takes second place with 55.59 crypto jobs per million people. Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland come in third, fourth and fifth place respectively.


The survey also found that 24.55% of blockchain business leaders studied Computer Science. 19.09% studied business or an MBA, whilst 12.27% have economics degrees.

Of the 150 CEOs surveyed, 13 graduated from the University of California, the highest from any institution.

In terms of blockchain jobs per million, Luxemberg takes the lead with 345.89. Singapore takes the second spot with 266.25 (1,591 jobs).

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However, Asia’s average annual salary for crypto jobs is less than half of North America’s. According to the survey, North America offers an average annual salary of US$120,000, taking the top spot in terms of continents. Asia comes in fifth with only an average annual salary of US$50,000.


That said, Hong Kong’s average annual salary is US$110,000 and Japan’s is US$100,000. Latvia and Lebanon have the highest average yearly salary of any country with US$170,000 and US$150,000.