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Avium Raises US$2M for “SEA-wood” Web3 Film & Entertainment Projects

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Web3 media startup Avium has secured a US$2,000,000 pre-seed from strategic investors as it builds an entertainment brand.

Avium is aiming to build Southeast Asia’s largest network of studios with web3 infrastructure. The brand will greenlight original content by SEA studios behind Marvel Comics, Valve, Netflix, Prime Video, Tencent and more.

Its ecosystem will feature the Founders’ Pass collection – an NFT to incentivise creatives and studios behind Avium’s brand. Holders of the pass will provide entrepreneurs, creators and artists access to the exclusive community building the Avium brand together with the founding team.

These pass holders are considered the founding members of Avium. The Singapore-based firm has currently attracted over 10,000 followers across its various social media platforms.

The Avium ecosystem will bring together stakeholders to produce entertainment in all forms of animated content including the development of original studio enterainment, creation of media and consumer products and distrubution through media networks.

Speaking exclusively to Blockhead, Avium co-founder Nathanael Lim said, “we’re anchoring the proper foundations for Avium’s ecosystem right from the start, and now is a great time to really focus on that. In the past few months, we’ve been refining our market strategy, deepening our connections with the right ecosystem partners and really preparing as much as we can to establish ourselves as a mainstay in Southeast Asia’s market.”

Lim said cold market conditions haven’t deterred the firm from progressing. “Crypto winter starts to matter less if you are building for the next few decades,” he said. “The media and entertainment scene in the region is largely a fragmented one as a result of culture and language differences, amidst other factors.”

“The collaborative design of Web3 provides an opportunity for us to connect the region in a new way, bringing people together to pull resources and skills to ultimately build an ecosystem titan worthy of global attention.”

Lim added that SEA is particularly on their radar because the region is “fragmented and is looking for a unifying theme. There’s Hollywood, Bollywood and Chinawood – we’re building SEA-wood!”


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