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Punk6529 Offers Community Control Through Open Metaverse Launch

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Famed crypto Twitter user Punk6529 is giving back to the community with an open metaverse.

In a thread on Twitter, Punk6529 revealed OM, which boasts a Museum District for digital artists to come aboard and share their work.

“This is the alpha version of the first district (the “6529 Museum District”) of the first city (“Genesis City”) of OM,” Punk6529 wrote in a caption with a video teasing his metaverse.

“The goal is a decentralized open metaverse that can scale to 100,000,000 people. 10 cities of 10M each, each within hundreds of districts, with towns, villages, and nature in between.”

“My dream world is 5,000 self-governing districts in 10 self-governing cities in one self-governing world.”

The Twitter user emphasized that the project’s intent is not to generate revenue but for to benefit the community. “I do not want your ETH, I want your input on how to design OM. I collect in public, I invest in public and we are going to build OM in public together.”

Punk6529 hopes the project will attract “the most high-end NFTs ever displayed in one place.”

In the video, a list of top NFT names were boasted including CryptoPunks, Tyler Hodds’ Fidenza collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Art Blocks.