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APAC Web3 VC-Studio LiquidX Makes First Major Acquisition

LiquidX, a web3 venture capital studio for the metaverse has announced the acquisition of a 70% stake in Anime Metaverse, a publishing and licensing company focused on building anime, manga, and dorama in web3. This is the VC’s first major acquisition that aims to accelerate the web3 retail ecosystem.

Anime Metaverse functions as a conduit for anime into web3, providing the infrastructure for the entry and exploration of an ever-growing industry through its proprietary anime marketplace. The platform currently has over 25,000 active community members, 158,600 Twitter followers, as well as a NFT collection of 5,000 unique 3D Anime Pictures-For-Proof (PFPs), according to the company.

The acquisition of Anime Metaverse will enable LiquidX to invest, acquire, and license anime IP at scale, according to an announcement on Thursday.

“The metaverse is still in its infancy. LiquidX believes that merging the decentralised content creation model of web2 social media platforms with web3 virtual reality is key to the growth and mass adoption of a viable metaverse. In the coming months, we will be federating the most important anime intellectual property through our banner, facilitating their access to web3 and expanding their possibilities.” Wong continued,” Kendrick Wong, co-founder and chairman of LiquidX, said.

LiquidX will support developers in building, launching, and tokenising their NFT characters through Anime Metaverse. The two parties are also in the process of closing a joint transaction in the anime IP property industry to grow the brand further, with details to be announced in Q4 2022.

NFT Project Aggregator

LiquidX manages over US$50 million in funds across five fiat pools (EUR, USD, SGD, MYR, NZD) and three different cryptocurrency pools (USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum). The firm takes a direct execution position in its portfolio companies, with entire departments and flows managed by LiquidX’s in-house teams.

LiquidX’s investment thesis focuses on infrastructure, IP-building, and GameFi space companies, with a particular emphasis on treasury management and tokenomics. Its team includes includes former executives from Blizzard Entertainment, Garena, Ubisoft, and more.

“Beyond capital investment and accelerators, nascent but groundbreaking web3 projects often lack the executional prowess to reach their full potential. LiquidX’s model goes beyond taking a majority stake in high-potential NFT projects to operationalise and accelerate product roadmaps in both speed and quality until the results are ready to be launched with their full suite of promised metaverse and web3 capabilities,” Wong said.